Here I will showcase some of the process on clearing up the garden to what it looks like today, the images are not great as I just did shots with my phone and wasn't really trying it also looks like a jungle initially.

The back mess

The initial mess that someone called a garden, The garden had never been taken care of in years it felt like when I moved in, This is not an initial day one shot but close enough

Sink hole!

The property also had a sink hole in the back which was caused from the builders of the property using it to dump garbage which has now deteriorated and caused a hole to form, supposedly this happened to original owners who filled it.

There is some land

After a little clean up had started, it began to look like I had some land at least, this was a project I tackled on my own for the most part cutting down trees I felt I could do alone, and clearing up as much as I could.

After a few weekends of work

At this point I had a lot cut down and still a lot to go, the amount of manual labour needed to do a job like this is exactly why you should pay someone but budgets keep things difficult and you must learn to do work and get things completed.

By now I had most of the trees down from the 'left' side of the house that I wanted done and a couple at the top half, also work was done during winter/spring to save on dying from heat.

While doing this task I did get some help from family when they could help, I rented a chipper and mulched a ton of trees up to clear space, I kept the mulch and used it at the front of my property away from the house.

This shows all the property I have to clean up and work on, Probably not the best panoramic shot but I tried to get it all in one

At this point I realized I had to pay someone to come in and take some trees down as they was close to the house and big I wasn't risking my home for the sake of cutting down some trees, once that is complete I will be leveling the property at two different heights to give me some useable land.

Ready to find out more?

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