I have always felt that the deck was cut short and the extension will cover an area of the garden which is potentially useless, I will do my best to get all photos I can and share with you all.

The Extension is approximately 14x15 squared, offering an addition 210Sq foot of space,

The Shopping List,

Deck Extension

While trying to work some of this out I was also learning how to do a few things, one item was understanding the ledger since I wasn't sure on how to attach to the house and continue on from there, I purchased Red Head anchor bolts which I will set every two feet and two inches from top and bottom doing a W pattern all the way.

Got all the end section removed, and started working on setting up the perimeter.

Worked on the concrete, added rebar in the bottom and will have the square part above ground then mount metal brackets to hold it all together.

After all concrete footings completed it was time to work on the posts and deck framing.

Next step was installing the flooring and hand railing, I decided to do the floor where it continue into the existing floor so hopefully it won't actually look like a harsh line for the extension.

Well finally got to the point of feeling completed for the upper level, I did have one issue of the corner post not being level which was due to being a little impatient, it is not worth it always take your time (incase you didn't know).