Alright so now is the time to start working on the drainage on my property, I sort of made the silly mistake of buying a house at the bottom of the hill. While I love that I have a nice sized land, I really disk like the amount of water I have pooling up in random areas of the landscape, so with my shovel in hand and a thought to dig.


It all starts with a little line and dig (if you notice I actually already dug some before the photo)


Alright so Here is the first line, I dug this connecting to an existing drain that runs down to the stream on the property


This part connects up to a drain box at the lowest spot on that side of the house


Connected up to the gutter from the house and dropped in the drain line.


And covered everything back up, I do regret not doing a better job of saving the grass especially since this is first time I actually had grass in this area from fall seeding.


I noticed I did not really take alot of photos so there is some things missing that I did, I had a T-peace to connect the drains up, wrapped everything in PVC Tape, and haven't had any issues with this setup at all, hopefully I will never have an issue with it.