Old Garage

Original Setup

When I was in my townhome the last project I did there was the garage, it had a partitioning wall and carpet installed, I removed all that and painted the walls and floor and hung photos, this is the only image I have unfortunately but it was a dream garage

The New setup

Once I moved into the new home I could see zero potential I had way to many things and needed to get even more items that would be stored in the garage, In my last place I had no gardening work todo here I have everything to do. So it took me almost a year to get it looking something like I would appreciate the same way and with that in mind, lets move forwards I know you only came to see images!

And of course I have to show my car all the way Aired out in the new garage setup.

Audi relaxing again

Whats Next....

Well I would like to paint the floor and plan to, but at this moment I need to work on the back garden, that project will show up next month!