As always I gave myself another project, with my first time building a fence and a wall for the back of my property I asked my Dad to come up as always to help me do the work.

Here is some shots of the progress and completed results, I still have some general cleanup todo of the property and try to make things pretty, the grass is coming along pretty well we did walk on it a fair bit which isn't good but not much choice while building on the wall and fence.

Building a Fence

Now the ground is somewhat level it was time to get a fence up, Started with drilling 12 Post holes, painted the posts with Asphalt paint to give them a better protection from the elements, then concreted some into the ground, once that was set we used metal work for the supports and nailed on the pickets. This side has no gate and reaches about 60 feet total.

Retaining Wall Time

This part was a little more involved since the posts are every four feet, and I needed to make sure they will never move, we included deadman into the project to reinforce the top section of the wall (unseen in images and from the front) I will include a drain system behind the wall and back fill with gravel and dirt, the wall will also have fabric on the back to protect it more.