Okay, So this year I decided it was time to give the deck a new lock, out with the traditional style and incoming with the horizontal looks, A couple reasons one its a bit more modern looking than traditional decks, and two I wanted to create a storage space underneath and to do that I wanted to cover the sides of the deck to hide additional what I have in there.

I first had to dig down into the ground to get it somewhat level underneath, once completed I did a quick test fit of the new mower.

Once Tested I decided to cover the floor in pavers to give it a cleaner location than just dirt.

Once the storage area was worked out and completed I got started on covering the sides and replacing the railing. I also plan to add a path on the side of the deck so you aren't always walking on the grass/dirt

Okay... Next was working on the new hand rail area.

Time to build a Door... Which I did floating almost

Figuring out the steps and how I wanted them to look was kind of an interesting task, I really wanted to keep lines going thought out and when I attempted to just go horizontal I realized it wouldn't look right, since the top handle comes down anyhow, I ended up just matching it but the braces do fall inside the wood not on the outside.

Okay so this is it... basically, what did I learn... never trust that wood is perfect, I have to go over some of the pieces and replace bent ones. but overall I'm happy I have yet to remove the old color and repaint, I will not being going with a gray but a red/brown color this time.

Don't worry its not really finished! I have to build the path that will attach to the large pieces of wood on the deck so we stop walking on the grass so much, and then I might be able to say I am finished! This project has been fun to do as always, I am sure its not perfect for some or most but it is really close and that for me is good, Essentially everything I do is self taught to a degree with hassling my dad and figuring it out as I go.