I had started browsing around for new 'art feature' wall concepts and came across one showcasing mirror hexagons, and luckily for me my job has a glowforge laser machine so I went ahead and got to cutting!

Step One

I had to make a bunch of tests to figure out the perfect cut for the material, probably cut about 10-15 samples.

Step Two

Got the cut worked out, I was using an acrylic with mirror backing on it,

The Specs used was - Medium Clear Acrylic,

Custom Cut - Speed 350 at full power with 3 passes.

Step Three

Time to cut, I was able to get about 7 large and 3 small per sheet of 12x20.

Step Four

First one cut and checked if I am truly happy with the end result before cutting all of them up.

Step Five

Started to do a layout in photoshop to give me a sort of guide and not just blindly sticking them on the wall


This is the image that got me thinking about it in the first place, the sizes they did are larger than mine, but I was just limited by the glowforge and not wanting to be wasteful with material.

The Final Results

After all the steps was completed, I went home repainted the wall to be dark Ash and started to apply all the hexagons to the wall using double sided command strips, overall I'm happy with it, I used a Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold material.