Hawaii, There is nothing I can say about this beautiful island except you need to go once in your life! just go its completely worth it, The beaches are beautiful water is clear and everything is spectacular there.


Hawaii was the first place I ever snorkeled and now I wish there was a place here in GA to do it (not going to happen) but it was a ton of fun, of course I was in Hawaii for my honeymoon and the most prettiest thing there was my wife! but after that I have never seen so many beautiful views the hotel was perfect! room right into the ocean waking up to the sound of waves splashing, I could go on and on about how magical the trip was a sure once in a lifetime experience!

Here is some photos, I can't share all it was my honeymoon.

My Favourite photos! It really is a magical place.

Where we Snorkeled, (ignore the other people)
Beautiful Hawaii.

Me and my Wife's hands in the sand with our rings, I actually changed my ring after a month due to it not really working out for me, but no worries I got it switched out and life is all good!