The Used/New Shed

I finally got myself a shed, While it seems silly this was an exciting day. Someone in my neighborhood was selling it, and I just couldn't resist ignoring it.

I had a little repairs todo to get it back into good condition and well see below to check out what was needed to be done.

Before the Repairs

As you can see one of the sides was heavily water damaged, so I set out too repair that first, I didn't want to use it at all until all repairs was completed.


The Flooring

Since my ground is pretty unlevel where I wanted it, I had to figure a way to support it up, I did that by using 4x4's and some concrete blocks I had laying around.


Inside Damage

Here shoes the damage on the inside also the shovel getting its first day inside, typically I forget and it just gets left outside.


Water Damaged

The side had leaves and random debris laying against this side of the shed which overtime caused problems to start

After Repairs

Once I finished inspecting and well working out what I needed to do, I set out to buy the materials and get it all repaired.


Replacing Studs

Unfortunately the damage to the siding had actually made its way onto the studs on that wall, so I got those replaced and all solid again.


New Siding

Once I got the Studs completed I was able to go ahead and start cutting the siding, I am using a T1-11 paneling that is sold as 4x8 sheets so they just needed to be cut and nailed up.



After that was completed I took some scrap wood and had the shop color match it, and got it painted up, it needs a bath or I might just repaint the whole shed later.

Time to fill it

Now it's time to fill it! This day has been 3 years waiting, I have been storing most my stuff in the garage on the wall by my car, which isn't unusual but I was always nervous something might hit the car.


Quick Shelf

First I built a quick shelf at the end, was using the paint cans to figure height.


Hooks and flooring

After that I put up some hooks to mount things to the walls, I want to have as much useful space as I can but yet have it store as much as possible.



Since it was from someone in the neighborhood, they was able to get a bobcat and bring it to me! was fun watching it come down the street to me!