A bench, just a simple bench was built. I had been searching for new chairs and constantly found that they are over priced, so I decided I would build a bench I had thought about getting one for the table anyhow so lets go picture crazy! (maybe not soooo crazy this time)


Okay so I didn't take some photos. Sometimes I am just to excited to start, I got 11 pieces of 8 foot 2x4 pieces of wood, and cut them down to the lengths needed, the bench equals 6 foot long and about 17inchs tall.

I started this project without clamps like a fool so I used a speaker and two 5 gallons cans of paint to get the glue to set, I added finishing nails in-between the pieces to help as well.


All glued together, had to do a fair bit of sanding to get it nice and even and smooth.