Well it's time to upgrade/change the flooring, when we purchased the house 3 years ago we accepted the floor color and went with it, we had bamboo light colored wood downstairs and carpet upstairs, we are changing it all out to an Oak Pewter Laminate.

This project was started in May 2019 and think it will take a little while due to downstairs wood being glued down.


Upstairs Carpet Be Gone!

First thing first get rid of the Carpet, I have decided to remove the Carpet in the Master bedroom and sitting area (also called fireplace room), At the same time I will be removing carpet from hall way, landing area and all the steps.

Time to do the Stairs

Got all the carpet removed and tack strips, noticed some wonderful cuts from the builders. Once I got it all prepped  I started to build the risers and than steps and got that all installed.

Removal Downstairs Flooring

Removing downstairs floor wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be, what sucked was getting the original glue up some areas would just slide right off but others was as if they used extreme glue on it, I had a floor scraper but that was usueless basically used a small 4" hand scraper so just sat on my butt and worked in small areas over all of downstairs, the bag holds about 2 tons (If I remember right) so I lifted and hauled out 2 tons of wood flooring.

Time to install

Installation wasn't to bad since it was mostly large areas approx. 850 square foot was done I used a better underlay than what I used upstairs so its much easier the upstairs one was a pain to trim up to fit, I did complete all the quarter round as well just after the last photos.