So the weekend, I did a few projects I should have done a while ago there is no 'in process photos' since I just wanted to get them done and they are straight forward projects


A nice quick Gate, I had wanted to put on on a while ago but just never did, well now there is one. I still need to repaint the deck from a year ago, hopefully I can get some real motivation to do that, I made the mistake to paint with outdoor latex paint, never again will I do that. While it looked nice for a couple days I do not think its ideal.

A ramp for the shed since I always was having to lift the lawnmower in and out, while thats probably good for my arms it wasn't fun to do.

Also I really enjoy having a shed, if you don't have one get one.

A path extension, originally we would always step on the grass which as we all know will kill it at some point, well might as well kill it myself and put the path in, also makes it much easier to walk over that side and not worry about different heights and terrain.