How it used to be.

Over the past 5 years of living here the front has been getting worse and worse, I attempted to do seed and that completely failed.

So let the prep start

It all started with a lot of tilling and raking, I would go to work all day than home and do about 4 hours a day, prepping to get as much of the grass out as possible.

of course no project is done without

a full irrigation setup, so got started doing that as well, luckily I love to dig in Georgia clay (eyeroll) but anyhow I was able to run 3 Sprinklers on the main area seems to cover the entire space, on the small area (which I seem to have no photos of) I ran 4 but they are shorter to not interrupt with the neighbors garden.

Delivery of Sod

1500 square foot of sod was ordered and delivered in rolls.

Finished project

I know you just want to see how it looks now...