Where it all began

I new this house had a terrible kitchen layout that was dying for a remodel but it didn't bother me one bit as it allowed me to build my very own kitchen, from the ground up.

I took on this project with no past experience on designing a kitchen or even building some of the things I needed to do, I got started designing on Ikea's website they have a really neat design program.

As you can see I got the measurements and got started right away a simple envelope with some scribbles and a lot of measurements in feet and inches got me started to provide a full drawing via Ikea's website

I must make sure that I say thank you to my Dad for helping me, He came for a week and helped me destroy the kitchen and then get it built up for the most part than left after expressing never again!

How it once looked.

Orignal Kitchen

This is the original kitchen before I purchased the home

Small & Cramped

Here is a shot inside, showing how small it looked originally,

Lost Potential

This kitchen was not showing its full potential, the cramped space was lacking the ability to grow and cook as a family

Demolition of the Kitchen

Demolition was pretty easy and straight forward except removing the old tile, while we had a giant electric chisel it took a day and half to get all of it up and the cement as flat as we could, I had one wall completely removed and the half wall taken down to expand the kitchen into the sit in kitchenette area

Time to rebuild the Kitchen

Installing the new kitchen was a lot of fun, getting things straight and realizing walls are never perfectly flat and finding out that the floor slopes a little was not the most amount of fun I thought it would be, Dad helped with the first few rows of tiles and installing the cabinet wall mounts and the Microwave and cooker getting put into place

Backsplash and Countertop

Kitchen is now completed and fully functional